Friday, May 19, 2017

Jess Goes Running: May and Marathon Training

I don't think I've ever been happier for spring, for warmer weather and longer days.  I feel like I did a pretty good job of staying active throughout the winter, despite my injury, and I've seen an increase in the frequency and duration of my runs (and walks, and yoga classes).  In fact, April was my most active month since marathon training abruptly ended last year.

Well, here we are--it's May.  I've done a good job of getting out there and getting in the miles, even though it has been a little challenging (just a lot going on both in and outside of work).  I've gone on some pretty sweet runs and I'm proud of the work that I have put in.  There were times when I was in the lowest points of my injury where I worried I'd never run and be active without pain again, that I'd never get back to my old self.

The truth is, I still have days where my foot hurts.  Recently I've been noticing a few lingering issues in my right foot, which up until now had been unaffected by the issues plaguing my left foot.  Now, I've been pushing myself a lot at work lately and it's very possible that it's just strained from that; it could also be the beginning of plantar fasciitis, which my doctor always said was a possibility.  It's also possible that it's nothing and I'm just paranoid.  In any case, I am listening to my body and I'm not pushing it.

Like over my weekend, for example.  It was a beautiful day and would have been perfect for a run, but my foot was bothering me so I took the bike out instead.  It was the second time I've gone biking this year, and it was not without its challenges but I'm still glad I went.  I'm so happy I bought my road bike last year; I never would have done such a thing if not for Tom, who inspired me to get into cycling in addition to running.  I touched on this in my instagram post yesterday, but for as much as I love running, there is something really fantastic about cycling, too.  I'm excited to see how cycling fits into marathon training and I look forward to having it as a cross-training option all summer.

Marathon training.  It's only a few weeks away.  To say that I am nervous is an understatement; I am terrified.  I know what I need to do to be successful and I am confident in my abilities but the "not knowing" is a lot to deal with--because I felt like I was getting along okay but I got hurt anyway, and in the end my entire plan came to a derailed abrupt end.  To defer the marathon once is one thing, but to have to do that twice?  I really don't to go down that road again, and I will do everything I can to avoid it, if I can help it.

So... I have a few weeks to prepare.  And then, I'll work on eating well and sleeping enough and getting those miles, slow and steady.  I will get stronger mentally and physically and hopefully, on that Sunday morning in October, I will cross the finish line after 26.2 miles through the city that has stolen my heart and soul.  That is what propels me through my doubts and my fears... I want it so badly, even though I know it's gonna hurt like hell, and I am willing to put in the work.  I press on in the hope that I will be rewarded with the sweet victory of even getting to the finish line, the opportunity to fulfill this challenge that has eluded me.  Ahh, 15 days.  Here we go!

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