Saturday, June 18, 2016

An April Abridgement

You guys, exciting news in my world!  I finally got a new laptop!  T. ordered me a brand new Chromebook to replace the one that got stolen when our apartment was broken into last December.  I know it seems like it took me a while to replace it... well, I was content with using my tablet/phone to stay connected for a while.  Within the last couple of months, though, I have begun to miss having a laptop and, also, writing on a regular basis.  That was probably the biggest downfall about not having a computer... I find it quite difficult to write on a phone or a tablet and so blogging and other writing was more or less nonexistent for a while.  But now I'm back, and it feels good!

Summer is off to a fantastic start around these parts.  I mean, it feels like we've been busy pretty much constantly but while we have a pretty full calendar, life just keeps getting sweeter and more fun!  So let's rewind a bit. Back in April, I ran my third Shamrock Shuffle 8K.  I'll be writing up a race report about that soon, but it was a really great race!  I ran it with a few friends and had a strong finish.  It was a good way to start race season!

The same month, my sister A. and my niece AKA the cutest little lady in the world moved in with my parents for 5 weeks. She was completing a pharmacy school rotation at the hospital she was born in.  My mom watched M. while Mama was at "work" and T. and I got to see them several times while they were in town.  This photo pretty much sums up my relationship with M., who is just the best!

Later on that month, we went to the wedding of one of my oldest friends (seriously--I have known him since preschool!) and his darling wife.  It was such a joyous day and a lovely celebration out in the suburbs.  It also provided us with the opportunity to catch up with old friends and enjoy an afternoon that was simply lovely!

The very next day, T. and I ran in the Ravenswood Run 5K--which was his first 5K race!  The morning of the race was beautiful and I enjoyed the course.  It was pretty well organized, also, and though I had to do a little weaving between slower people, the density eventually evened out.  We both liked the race and I think I would definitely do it again next year.  More on this race later!

At the end of April, my little brother J. came out and spent the night at our apartment.  He bought us all tickets for a taping of Wait Wait, Don't Tell Me at the Chase Bank Auditorium.  We ended up having pretty close seats and the taping was a hysterically fun time!  I would love to go again and I would also definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a uniquely Chicago experience.  The next day, J. and I went to Wrigley Field for a Cubs game.  It was windy and cold but the game was great and we were just so happy to be there that it didn't matter.  A nice plus was that the Cubs won!  I love our adventures together and am looking forward to more opportunities for fun during the summer!

Finally, to round out the month, T. and I went to our first Chicago Fire game!  One of his best friends was hosting an event in a luxury skybox and invited us to come along.  Unfortunately, the weather was absolutely miserable (we're talking downpours for hours) and even though the outdoor seating for the box was under an overhang, the wind blew the rain back to such a degree that everything was still soaked.  It was a good game though and fun to do something new!  I am definitely more of a baseball and hockey fan than anything else, but I enjoyed it and would definitely go back for another match!

Though the weather wasn't always the nicest, April was still a fun, action packed month!  Also a great way to kick off the summer months.  Trust me when I say that May was just as exciting (and so far, June has been, too!)

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