Saturday, June 20, 2015

11:18 PM, a rainy Saturday night:

The city breathes new life into us, and
we are awash in the vibrant, glowing
light of our existence.  Oh, so this is

the act of fulfilling another dream, and I
am soaking it up.  But there are moments,
where I'm running right there, alongside
Lake Michigan; sitting on our porch--our
garden oasis--soaking up the breeze; lying
in bed, awash in the orangish glow of the
streetlights on the corner...  I find myself

looking up, looking outward, far more
than I can remember in previous memory,
and it fills me with delight.  To be here,
existing in this space with the love of my

life, is beyond anything I could ever put
into words.  And so, the city spins on: the
warm nights and cool morning breezes,
reminding us of where we came from,
where (and with whom) our passion
for love and life prevails above all else.

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