Thursday, May 15, 2014

Since then...

(Top: one final photo of the Yaris, taken by T. this last Saturday.
Bottom: On a brisk walk this afternoon.)

It's been a rainy week in Chicagoland but we've made the best of our changed plans.  Monday afternoon we drove out to the Greater Rockford Area and spent the night.  We had dinner with family outside on the porch, test drove a car, and got caught in a terrifying thunderstorm (like, pulled over on the side of the road because it was raining so hard and was so windy).  Tuesday, we drove up to Madison, Wisconsin.  While we were there, we ate comfort food at Perkins, test drove a few more cars, this time at the Honda dealership, and picked up some beer and snacks.  It was a relaxing night.

Yesterday, T. and I drove up to Gurnee Mills mall, got lunch and walked around and had some frozen yogurt.  Later on, we ordered Chinese take-out from a new-to-us local place and ended up with a veritable, delicious feast.  I started a new book and enjoyed a few drinks.  None of this is happening like I pictured it, but I keep looking at him sitting next to me, or walking across the apartment from the living room to the bedroom, and I know that I am just so lucky.

This morning, we slept in--though I'd woken up much earlier on in the morning because my eye was bothering me, I think due to allergies--and then hung out around the apartment for a bit.  We got the call from the insurance company that we had been waiting for; the Yaris is a total loss and worth more than we thought.  Even though we are sad because it's official now... the Yaris is gone and we are never gonna see it again... it's also kind of a relief.  So now, sooner rather than later, we can get the ball rolling on finding T. a new car.  And today's only Thursday!  So we still have a lot of time to spend together.  Here's to a relaxing continuation of our staycation!

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