Wednesday, May 28, 2014

A Few Letters

Dear J.,
I am so glad that we got to hang out while you were in town this past weekend!  I know you had a very busy schedule, and I am happy that we were able to make it work.  Ours is one of my oldest friendships, and I have loved seeing the way that it has evolved and changed as we've grown older.  (I still love thinking back to high school and speech team occasionally, though!)  No matter how far apart we've been or how long we've been separated for, we always pick up right where we left off.  It's something I'm incredibly thankful for!  Hopefully, next time, T. and I can come and visit you in Washington State...  that would be so amazing!!

Dear A. and J.,
I can't even tell you how damn happy I am that June is apparently becoming the month of sibling time!  You two have booked up my next few weekends and I am so excited already!  I love everything about my life, but I do wish that I saw you both (and C.) far more often than I do, which is currently not enough.  There are many fun adventures planned (including new ink, for example!) and I am going to try my best and savor every moment.  Maybe someday in the future we'll all live right down the street from each other... wishful thinking, I know, but a girl can dream!  I love you guys, and the best part about being your sister is getting to be your friend--I know I am lucky to have you as mine.

Dear T.,
To say that the last few weeks have gone differently than planned is one hell of an understatement.  But we got through it, and came out shining.  Thanks for keeping your cool, for staying optimistic, and for making me laugh when times were tough.  We didn't make it to Colorado but we still had a great vacation; the postscript, life getting back to normal, has been better than I anticipated.  Can't wait to see what lies ahead, either!  Being your wife is one of my very favorite things in life, and if I had to offer any words of wisdom to the general public, it would be to marry your best friend.  Best decision I ever made!

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