Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Journal Day: An April Morning

On a misty, rainy morning in April, a boy and a girl woke up early and drove to one of their favorite Wisconsin state parks, three hours away.  They hiked a trail upwards through the bluffs--Balancing Rock--and when they got to the top, they were all alone.  And the view was... not as spectacular as they were hoping, not as fantastic as it would have been without the clouds and the fog.  They laughed, finding it typical, but also beautiful in its own right.

Then something important happened.  The boy pulled a blue and white box out of his pocket and asked the girl if she would marry him.  They knew they were committed to one another, could be happy with each other for a very long time and longer still, but... this would make it official.  There was nothing she wanted more, than to spend the rest of her life with him and be his wife.  She said yes, of course, and they took their time getting back to solid ground, practically floating down that scenic route of a winding, rocky trail.

That day was almost four years ago, somehow... crazy how quickly time flies.  It's a memory that, in retrospect, was a moment of crossroads--it was the beginning of a new chapter.  Though we'd always had the utmost trust for one another, deciding to get married was really the first of our big team decisions, and a huge example of that conviction.  

The greatest relationships seem to maintain even levels of communication, trust, and compromise; we have all of that and more.  There is nothing I love more than being married to my best friend.  It has been almost three years since we got tied the knot, another significant turning point for us, and in that time, we have only grown stronger and closer.  I will always hold that day in April in the highest regard, one of my favorite recollections.

(Thanks to Danielle at Sometimes Sweet for the prompt!  What a fun idea!)


  1. I really like this part: "deciding to get married was really the first of our big team decisions". Team work is probably the most important thing to my husband and me. Without it, we're just existing and pulling at opposite ends of a rope. Lovely post, thanks for sharing your special crossroads!