Friday, January 3, 2014

New Year's Snowstorm

Tuesday afternoon, New Year's Eve, it started to snow.  I watched from inside the comfort of my warm, bustling workplace as the flakes began to fall--and accumulate quickly.  By the time I clocked out and walked out the door at 3:00, it had already been snowing for a few hours.  I ran errands in town for maybe an hour and a half, picking up party supplies for the evening, before heading home.  The drive north to Lake County was a bit of an adventure, and definitely a sign of things to come.

In the end, it snowed from Tuesday to Thursday and stopped sometime last night.  We got over 10 inches of snow around here, but totals as high as 18 inches were reported in some areas.  Winter is definitely not my favorite time of the year.  For one, I can't run in it!  I would just rather be able to go outside and relax and not have to worry about freezing.  And I always find myself asking--usually when I'm brushing off my car or forced outside for another unpleasant reason--"Why do I live here?!"  Why not some beautiful, warm, tropical climate?

The truth is, I dislike Chicago winters, but I love every other season (yes, even spring!) and I can put up with a few months of ice and snow and cold for the rest of it.  I love spring afternoons on Lake Michigan, summer nights at Wrigley, and fall walks downtown.  And really, winter can be picturesque, too, so long as I don't have to be out in it for too long.  Winter houses are cozy and warm and inviting on those long cold nights, too, and I can't say I really mind the need to bundle up in sweatshirts and blankets.

Besides, it's already January, and the days are getting longer, slowly but surely.  It'll be spring soon enough.

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