Wednesday, July 15, 2015

St. Gertrude's

(Photo taken by the Husband.)

On a cold day in January,
we moved in across the street
from St. Gertrude's, with its
stained glass windows, its
statuesque bell tower, its

classic facade.  We are
welcomed here every day
by this vast and holy structure.

From our occupancy in unit
number 2, we are privy to
its very existence.  Spectators
to the unstoppable, unbelievable,
circle of life--

Act I: Voices come together and ring
out in song; a full Sunday morning
mass.  A choral harmony of peace.

Act II: Surrounded by love on
all sides, a bride and a groom
beam with a new kind of light,
off to their first meal together,
their new life; new commitment.

Act III: There in front, a casket covered
with flowers and a sorrowful group
of mourners, saying their goodbyes.

--and now we are aware of our own
mortality, reality, and truth.  The
powerful tides of Lake Michigan to
the east... the steadfast sanctuary of
stone just to the west, just across

the street... this is our home now:
a reminder to us to be honest,
to be adventurous,
and to be grateful

for each

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