Saturday, May 3, 2014

Journal Day: Room for Growth

"Sometimes it can be hard to hear criticism from others. I know for me it's something I may always struggle with- being a people pleaser, etc. At the same time though, constructive criticism can be very helpful, and allow us to look at ourselves in a new light and maybe even grow and change. Take a step out of yourself. If you were on the outside looking in, how would you critique yourself? What things do you see that could change or work on? This isn't about tearing ourselves down; it's about really looking at ourselves and seeing where there's room for growth."

As I mentioned in my previous post, life has been a bit of a whirlwind lately and I haven't had many chances to write.  However, this week's Journal Day prompt has been on my mind all week.  Last week, I wrote about a few of the things that I am good at, celebrating some of my own skills and talents (which is something that I think is very important).  I also think it's important to note some of the things that we could use improvement in.  So, here is a brief list of things I would love to work on!

First, even though I'm a good cook and I know a lot about food, I'm not a particularly adventurous eater.  I have been working on it over the last few years and have found there are many things that I do in fact enjoy eating, but I still have a ways to go as far as expanding my palate!  My husband is very encouraging as far as getting me to try new things, but I could still be better about it.  I'm planning on trying new things as often as I can when we are on vacation in Colorado.

I'm still working on my motivation for training.  You guys, I want this more than anything but sometimes finding the motivation is just so. dang. hard.  Right now is especially challenging because of all of the excitement going on at work and preparing for vacation and dealing with injuries...  I have plenty of time to train for the half marathon--it is approaching fast, but September is still a little far off!  And yes, while it would be nice to draw my training out as much as possible, it's also not a necessity.  I think for the next few weeks, I am going to take a break on the training schedule, but I am DEFINITELY going to keep running.  It is a great form of stress release for me and the mere fact that I am getting out there and recording some mileage will assist in my training.  As for the motivation part of it, I'll just have to continue working on it.

Also, I don't read or write or create nearly as often as I would like.  I have this blog, and I love it!  I try to write here a few times a week, though I wish I could do more.  In addition, I have a bunch of writing projects that I've been working on for a while, on and off, and I'd love to be able to make some progress on them.  I have books that I've been interested in, too, but just haven't had the chance to read them yet.  It's mostly an issue of time, but if we're being honest, motivation is a small factor here, too!  So I hope that vacation will give me a chance to tap into that part of my abilities and become more creative in my daily life.

This is a small list of things that I would like to work on, of course.  This was another great prompt from Sometimes Sweet, one that allowed me to take another introspect look at my abilities and talents.  After all, I am always looking for opportunities to better myself and impact the world around me.


  1. It is hard to make time for creativity, isn't it?
    Your paragraph about motivation for training is also making me realize I'm seriously lacking exercise motivation in my life. Ahh, there's always room for improvement isn't there. Good luck with your pursuits. It seems like you have good plans for making it happen.