Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Jess Goes Running: Revisiting a few goals

Well, it's almost here... the Shamrock Shuffle 8K is just a few days away, and I am getting so very excited for the race.  The weather forecast is calling for a beautiful morning, so here's hoping that it holds out!  Until then, I'll be running and stretching and preparing...  so in the spirit of continued motivation, I'd love to revisit some of the running-related goals I've made for myself and also add a few new ones to the list.
  • Go running 3-5 times a week.  That one's a pretty simple goal.  I always feel so much better when I run regularly; even if I only have time to go a mile or two, I should still make it happen for myself.
  • Get back into half marathon training.  I had a strong start, but winter/getting sick/work/moving put a damper on the routine.  As I wrote about previously, I found a training program to suit my needs and I've got the time to do it (the Chicago Half Marathon isn't until September) so now I just need to get back into it and make a routine out of it.
  • Buy a new pair of running shoes.  I love my trusty Reeboks, and they've taken me over many miles and quite a few races, but it's time to upgrade.  I have been saving up moving for quite a long time now, and I think after the Shamrock Shuffle I'm going to head to a local running shoe store so I can get myself fitted by a professional.
  • Look into joining a running group. For me, running has always been a rather solitary thing.  A space and time for me to clear my head and run free.  I've always thought it might be fun to add a bit of a social aspect into it, and so if I could find a local running group that meets once or twice a week, I can meet new people in the area and also get some encouragement and feedback on my running.  My sweet husband is considering getting into the action as well, so we'll see if I can get him to join in the fun.
  • Write about my past races.  I did a little bit of that over at Miles of Serendipity, but there were still a few excursions I did not document!  I think it's important for me to remember it all and record it for posterity's sake, as I can see how I have improved over each race.
  • Sign up for more races.  So far this year, I've registered for the Shamrock Shuffle and the Chicago Half.  I'm planning on running in the Lincolnshire 4th of July 5k again, as I enjoyed it greatly last summer, and perhaps another Color Run or two.  I would also love to do another mud run/obstacle course, if possible.  I am always searching for races around Chicagoland (and there are a TON) so hopefully I can find some good ones!
I'm sure that I will come up with more goals for myself, but these will be a great start for me.  Looking forward to adding up more miles and running even further distances...  here's to the thrill of the chase, and the satisfaction found after a really fantastic venture.

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