Saturday, March 29, 2014

Getting Ready for the Race

Earlier today, T. and I headed downtown so I could pick up my race packet at Navy Pier.  It was everything that you would expect from Navy Pier on a weekend but I was more or less easily able to navigate to the expo and then through the fair.  I showed them my registration on my smart phone--so convenient!--and then made my way across the vast room to get my shirt, which is lightweight and very nice, perfect for summer running!

Tonight I had a good stretching session and I got all of my running clothes ready for the morning.  I took a few minutes to pin my bib onto my sweatshirt (a wise choice for a run of this nature, I felt) and double checked my pocketbook for our parking pass and the post-party drink tickets, something we are already looking forward to!  He and I are planning on a relatively early bedtime tonight, and hope to be downtown, with our dear friend J., shortly after sunrise.

I am very excited.  Also a little nervous because this will be the furthest distance I've ever run, but I am feeling ready for the challenge!  I got in a good stretching session this evening and will stretch again in the morning; the warm up walks around Solidarity Drive and to the race start will help to stretch out my limbs even further.  More than anything, I am excited for another opportunity to run on the streets of the most beautiful city in the world, on what should be a positively beautiful morning.  I of course have my own personal goals, but just accomplishing such a run will be a fantastic feeling.  

Here's to the Shamrock Shuffle!  See you at the finish line!

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