Thursday, February 23, 2017

8 Minute Memoir, Day 17: Sibling

The prompt for today's 8 Minute Memoir suggested writing about a sibling.  The thing is, I am blessed enough to have 3 siblings who are so wonderful that I can't pick just one.  (I also have great three brothers-in-law, two being my husband's younger brothers and one being my sister's husband.)  In fact, I may have won the sibling lottery.  I have an older brother, an older sister, and a younger brother.  It's true that we may have had our differences here and there growing up (because what family hasn't?) but I love each of my brothers and sister fiercely.  And I am so proud of the people they have become as they have grown into adults!  They are pursuing their passions and learning new things and creating lives that are important and fulfilling.

They are such unique people with individual but related likes and dislikes to mine.  It's great that we can always find common ground with one another.  My older brother, for example, continually impresses me with his prowess at running and the art of the Ragnar Relay.  My older sister is a pharmacist who is passionate about her job, and it is great to hear her stories of being able to help people (though my job is a quite a bit less serious than hers--because she is saving lives!--in the ways that we are given the opportunity to serve others it is similar and I can relate to a lot of her feelings).  She also made me an auntie and I love watching her as a mom.  My younger brother is witty and into movies and music and podcasts and coaches the robotics team at the middle school he works at, which I think is just awesome!  In addition to all of this, my siblings are kind and caring individuals who work hard to make life betters for others, and I am honored to be related to them, to have them as friends, too.

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