Friday, December 12, 2014

Sparkle and Light

Here we are, well on our way into December!  T. and I don't have a Christmas tree, but we are definitely getting into the holiday spirit with some Mistletoe and our festive decorations and presents, waiting to be gifted to our dear loved ones.  I can't believe that Christmas is less than two weeks away!  I am excited for the holiday and the excitement to come at work and at play.  

I've been battling a cold the last week and a half, so that, paired with the few weeks of Thanksgiving holiday madness beforehand, means that I haven't been on a proper run in quite a while.  The cold has been endless, though, with a variety of symptoms, and I know that the best thing I can do for myself is rest and stay hydrated.  I do think that I am finally getting near the end of it, hopefully, but I'm still not taking any chances.  My goal is that by this upcoming Wednesday, I am able to start running again.  We shall see!  I think it's definitely a possibility.  It makes me sad that I haven't been able to go running, but I know that I will be back on the road soon.

As I mentioned previously, our lease is almost up at our current place and we've been looking for a new apartment.  We were lucky enough to find a beautiful one bedroom apartment in Edgewater, and we'll be moving to the city in mid-January!  This has been a dream of ours for a very long time, and we are so happy and so excited to have landed such a great space.  The best part about the apartment is the close proximity to anything and everything, and we can't wait to explore.

Life is busy but good.  There are a lot of fantastic things on the horizon.  2014 has been a pretty tumultuous and crazy year, filled with ups and downs, but I wouldn't change anything as I've learned and grown a lot!  I think 2015 is going to be really great, though, and I can't wait to see what it will bring.

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