Monday, July 25, 2016

Lately, Currently.


[Reading]  I had a very long spell of not being able to find anything that I enjoyed reading, leaving quite a few books half started and never finished. Well, I am happy to say that streak has ended!  I just read three books (you can find them to the right on my 2016 reading list) and recently went to the library, where I picked up a few books about running, which should be no surprise.  Especially over the last few days, as I have been unable to run, I have been immersing myself in books.  Just started up again with What I Talk About When I Talk About Running by Haruki Murakami, in the spirit of marathon training and all that.  Expect a "book review" esque post up on the blog soon!

[Doing]  Marathon training is a large part of my life right now and I love it.  T. and I are going to be doing the Chicago Half Marathon together and we ran in the Lincolnshire 4th of July 5K (and we both had set personal records!)  We ran a 10K in June that was very hot but very enjoyable.  I have been taking it easy since my PF diagnosis, but looking forward to getting out there and training soon!  Back in June, we also celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary and went to a swanky party thrown by my work.  This month has been very busy and August looks like it will be much the same.  I'm ready for it!  PS-Also cut my hair a few weeks ago.  SO happy with this decision!

[Thinking About]  Healing and recovery for my foot--I am taking it slow, but I am so determined to get back out there and make my training happen.  Though deferring is an option if it gets to that point, I would really rather not as I have already put in a considerable amount of time training and really want to make it across that finish line in October!  I am also thinking about family...  I just had a lovely time in the city with my brother last week, and my sister and niece are back in the Land of Lincoln after some extended time away--so excited to see them in a few weeks!  Though this month has not necessarily looked like I thought it would, I am feeling content.

[Watching]  We watched season 3 of Bojack Horseman over just a few days.  Seriously, go watch it if you haven't!  We also just watched Archer and are making our way through Orange Is The New Black (almost caught up to where we ended before).  Thank you, Netflix!

[Feeling Thankful]  I am really thankful to have a diagnosis, the tools to get better, and the opportunity I've had the last few days to rest.  I am optimistic about my recovery and listening closely to my body to stay strong.  I'm incredibly grateful for all the support I've had over the last few days, especially from my husband and family--it's hard to feel down when you've got all that love coming in!  I'm thankful for cooler days like today, a delightful respite from the heat dome we've been stuck under over the last few days.

[Loving]  Technology!  I got to video chat with my sister, her fiance, and the niece the other night and it was fantastic.  I feel so fortunate that the tiny redhead and I will still know one another well even though they live over three hours away.  I love baseball games and meals with family and opportunities to hang out and explore in the city.  I love a good brunch at a dear friend's condo and a good thunderstorm, summertime vibes and the heat of late July.

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