Monday, November 9, 2015


Another month vanishes--October slips away into November, already.  I can't believe we are only a few months away from a new year!  This one has passed by all too quickly, but I'd say it's been a good one.

Anyway, October.  A month filled with lots of work and family time.  Unfortunately, my plans to spend the month running and soaking up the best that Fall in Chicago has to offer, I injured my knee at the beginning of the month and am still trying to recover.  It is disappointing, to say the least.  However, I have been trying to take care of myself, and I've still been able to enjoy the season via walks both with the husband and alone.  I'm also trying to do more writing and reading, and we are doing more cooking and spending more time together.  And the good news is, I think I'll be able to start running again soon, so here's to lacing up those running shoes and (slowly) hitting the trail!

In October, we watched the Cubs play fall ball--and even though they ultimately lost to the Mets, and broke a lot of hearts, they also left us optimistic for next year.  I settled back into a more normal work routine after several weeks' worth of overnight Monday shifts (though we still have one more to go, next week).  I started going swimming at a gym not too far away from my work; I've discovered that afternoon is more successful than morning as far as getting a clear lane is concerned.  I miss it, which is surprising considering I only went a few times, so I think I need to try and get back into it.  There's also a gym a few miles away from us that has a pool, and I think I should check that out as well.  The gym near work also has an indoor track, which is a brilliant solution to my treadmill problem during the winter... here's to keeping up the running through the winter!

October brought a visit from my sister and her new little family, which was wonderful.  Time to soak up my sweet niece and sister and her family, and it was wonderful.  I am grateful for the opportunity to spend time catching up with my sister, for the quiet Sunday morning I spent holding the tiniest and newest love of my life on my chest, treasuring every moment.  We also took her to the apple orchard, her very first trip, on a sunny Fall day.  Next year, when she is running around and exploring the world on her own two feet, it will be a little more fun, but this year was definitely special.

We've been enjoying the change of the seasons in the city, but I'll admit, the sky hanging so low in the sky already makes me feel a little sad.  I'm trying to find the beauty in that late, low burning light, holding onto warmth in the brisk chill of a mid November afternoon.  I am reminded of the holidays to come--the busy season at work is beginning--and I am taking the opportunity to gather my thoughts and prepare for the next few weeks.  November has brought more visits with family, more opportunities to spend time with the husband, more adventures and long drives on perfect afternoons.

Lately, more than ever, I have been reminded of how precious life is.  It is so short, and tomorrow is not promised.  I am grateful for the opportunity to hug my loved ones, to spend time with them, to support and be supported through tough times.  Every moment is a gift, and I am working harder than ever to remember that in everything that I do.  (A family very near and dear to mine was recently devastated by a fire and lost everything. including a father and son.  If you would like to contribute, please click here and here.  Thank you for your thoughts!)  

Here's to November, and the next few weeks.  I'm excited for the holiday season, for the magic of late Fall, early Winter, the opportunity for a clean slate.

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