Friday, April 24, 2015

Life, the last few weeks

Really, that title should probably say, "the last few months..." I took a bit of an unintentional hiatus from this space.  I've been doing a lot of living and growing and traveling and reading --but it's time to come back here and start writing again.  So here is a snapshot of life, the last few weeks.





(photos from here.)

April started with a bridal shower for my sweet future sister-in-law at my aunt's house, a lovely affair on a pretty spring day.  (They are getting married at the end of May!  And I am so excited to celebrate this new adventure with them.)  Last week, I hopped on a plane to Las Vegas, Nevada, for a vacation!  My first true vacation since our trip to Costa Rica in 2012.  I was there from Wednesday night to Saturday night and loved every single second.  Really, my Vegas adventure really deserves its own post, but suffice to say, I am so glad I went.  When I came home, I found that Spring had arrived in Chicago.  Now it's almost the end of the month and, as usual, I find myself wishing that time would slow down just a little bit.

Here's to the new few weeks, the beginning of a new month, the promise of summer.   And more words to come, soon!

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