Monday, December 1, 2014

Jess Goes Running: 40 Miles in November and a December Challenge

Well, November passed in 30 fast and furious days and here we are, December 1st.  The last month of 2014.  I can't believe how quickly this came upon us, FOR REAL, and I'm a little anxious but really mostly excited for this upcoming month and for 2015, in all aspects of my life.  It has a lot of potential!

Last month, I set a goal for myself that I was going to run 40 miles in November.  This is a lofty goal for a few reasons... the biggest of which is the fact that November is the busiest month of the year for me at work.  Thanksgiving is a huge holiday for us, and while the first part of the month is spent prepping, the second part is executing those plans and holding on for the ride.  It is so fun, and so exhilarating, but also exhausting... and self-preservation becomes key.  Which is why, as you can see below, my last run, until tonight, was November 18th:

So yeah, I went for a run on Tuesday the 18th, left for Springfield to hang out with my dear sister on Thursday afternoon, returned on Friday, and then on Saturday it was full steam ahead into the busiest workweek of the year.  The Thursday after that was Thanksgiving, Friday was recovery, and Saturday was the start of another workweek.  I thought about running all the time, but also knew that getting sleep would be crucial in preserving my good health.  Today, I hoped to run more than just a mile, but I had a few cramps in my side and back, which threw off my gait.  Stopped for the night at 1.09 mi.  I made up for it by utilizing the new punching bag they have at the gym (which was super fun!) and also know I made the right move by not pushing myself to the point of injury.  There's always the chance for another run tomorrow!

I am slightly bummed that I did not make my goal of 40 miles.  However, 26.34 miles isn't too bad!  Especially considering that during the month of October, I ran a total of 6 miles.  Had it not been for the work craziness surrounding Thanksgiving, I think I definitely had the ability to meet my goal--I also knew that I had to allocate my energy.  I do feel so much better when I am able to go running regularly, and I am going to do my very best to make it a solid part of my routine.  You know, I suppose this means I am a runner after all!

So, after all that...  I am going to try again in the month of December: 40 miles (and hopefully more!) by December 31.  This month is still a little crazy, of course, although it is a little less intensive than Thanksgiving, so I should be able to make my running goals more of a reality.  I am certainly excited for the prospect, because I can definitely tell that even only after 26.34 miles (and some cross training gym workouts) I am stronger.  I am looking forward to the prospect of December, and putting in some good miles.  Stay tuned!

(A special shout out to the ladies of Best Foot Forward in Oak Park for the encouragement and support!)

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