Friday, November 7, 2014

Lately, Currently.

1.  Sunshine and foliage on my run.
2.  Vanilla Latte art from Ellipsis Coffehouse on Devon.  Spent a lovely afternoon with T. exploring Rogers Park (looking for potential apartment candidates) and enjoying the brisk weather.
3.  The other night, I worked a closing shift.  I came home to these gorgeous roses, delicious dessert, and some wine.  My husband is awesome, and I am truly the luckiest wife.
4.  A gorgeous fall sunset.  For some reason, the chillier it gets, the prettier that light becomes. 

(photos from my Instagram.)  

[Reading] As I am entering into the busy season as we speak at work, my free time is beginning to shrink.  Hopefully I'll have time for reading amidst the long hours at work and racking up the miles in my running challenge.  In any case, today I finished The Best of Me by Nicholas Sparks.  I've also been working on A Brief History of Everything with Bill Bryson, which is incredibly fascinating, but something I am finding myself needing to take my time reading.  I will get through it at a slow and steady pace; I am already learning so much from it!  

In the meantime, when I need something a little less dense and intense, I'm probably going to start reading Both Sides of Time by Caroline B. Cooney--that's right, that book you read in grade school (which, did you know, is part of a quartet?!)  Should be a fun reading adventure... and blast from the past!

[Doing]  Gearing up for the holidays at work.  Running 40 miles this month (as of today, I have 11.59 miles in the books!)  Dreaming of my next vacation--wanderlust never really goes away.  Spending time with my husband and dear friends and planning visits with family.  Life is good.

[Thinking About] The fact that winter is coming, and the fact that I'm planning on doing some cold weather running this year--I am feeling far too motivated at this point to give up that easily--it's a little daunting but I am feeling prepared.  I'm also thinking of our next move, quite literally; our lease is up in February, so T. and I are starting the process of looking for a new place.  I am somewhat nervous, but excited... it's time for a new adventure in a new place!

[Watching]  Still working my way through How I Met Your Mother... I'm getting closer to the end!  Also loving BoJack Horseman.  Probably going to start looking for another show to marathon watch... I'll need something to unwind with after the holiday madness begins and, eventually, comes to an end.

[Feeling Thankful] I've been feeling very thankful for a lot of things lately, but I'll try to narrow it down.  I'm thankful for my husband, my best friend, who is supportive and thoughtful and makes my days endlessly happy and wonderful.  I'm thankful for the new-found support of a running group who encourage me to be better.  I'm grateful for my family and friends.  So thankful, too, that I have the ability and the opportunity to grow and to better myself, to become stronger and faster.  I know I'm pretty fortunate.

[Loving]  Running in cooler temperatures (who knew!)  Listening to Andrew McMahon In The Wilderness and random and diverse radio stations on Google Music.  Cooking dinner, trying new things (for example, I had scallops for the first time ever tonight, and granted, they were wrapped in bacon, but they were quite delicious!) and tasting new wines.  Rum and Cokes on chilly nights.

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